Friday, May 21, 2010


My first thought is, "YAY! We get to sleep in!"

My second thought is, "Crap. Now what do we do?"

Do you know how freaking expensive summer can be? Swim lessons, dance camps, trips to the pool, movies, the blasted ice cream truck, mindless trips to Target that result in $100 bills for some strange reason...

I was trying to remember what I did all summer as a kid. Because I sure as heck know that my parents didn't spend a fortune each summer trying to keep me entertained. I don't remember just sitting in front of the TV all day long either. I think I mostly was out and about on my bike. I used to ride around the neighborhood with a couple of friends of mine, scoping out the houses of the boys we liked, daring each other to ride past and try to see in the windows.

There won't be any of THAT going on at Planet Pink this summer (ahem), so I've got to try to come up with some things to pass the time. I'm sorta dreading summer and looking forward to it at the same time. I love the change. The relaxed feeling of having no plans. Wanna spend all day out by the pool? Sure! Decide last minute to throw some burgers on the grill for dinner? You bet! It's just nice to have a break from the monotony that day in day out school brings.

But along with the laissez faire atmosphere there is also the constant undercurrent of "I'm booooooooooooored!". Oh, if a phrase could be banned from the English language...


  1. I was just putting together a post about this very subject. It is too bad our kids cannot be free range, as they say, as this Summer is adding up to be more expensive than private school and frankly I am already exhausted. lol

  2. You guys didn't play hide and go seek in the neighborhood like I did 10 years ago? All day and until the lights came on.


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