Friday, October 1, 2010

Mom, Now I Understand

I've come to the conclusion that as much time, energy, sweat, tears and thought I put into parenting, my princesses don't really care.

I have spent hours talking with the hubs about our girls, working through situations that arise with them.  Carefully taking into consideration their unique personalities, ages and make up.  We discuss strategies in discipline, how to help them make wise decisions, how to approach each of them when they need correction.

We specifically construct their day so they have the right amount of creative outlets, opportunities to play and times to just relax.

I labor over recipes and decide on menus that give them a balance of nutritional food and we drive right by the drive throughs these days.

I think about their futures, I pray for them that they would have wisdom, discernment and grace.  I pray the same for their future spouses and families.  I consider how life might play out for them, and strive to equip each of them with the right amount of knowledge, experience and courage to face it all.

I do all this because I am their mother, and I want to do a good job for them.  I love them, I want the best for them, and I know it's my responsibility to give them wings so they can fly.

Clearly, this consumes much of my thought about my daughters.

So it's a bit humbling to realize that right now, at ages 8, 5, 3 and 1:  they really could care less that I do all this.  From their perspective, the only criteria for a good mom is that she always carries gum in her purse.

And that's ok.  How many times did I hear my own mother say to me, "Someday when you're a mother, you'll understand."?

So I'll continue to do all the things I do behind the scenes.  The so very important things that my princesses may never know about.  I'll do it without thanks, without acknowledgment, without accolade, because that's what a mother does.

And someday, they'll understand.

In the meantime, I'll be sure to always carry gum.



  1. There are definitely so many aspects of motherhood that you just can't get until you're in it. I'm seeing a lot of stuff from my childhood differently now. It's just a neverending cycle. haha

  2. Love this post. And yes, one day they will look back and say "our mom is amazing".

  3. love to read your daily insight-i feel the same way! security and love is all they really desire. wow! look at that hair--it has been too long since we last hooked up!

  4. Tricia--this post is so true. Love your blog and your girls are too precious.

  5. So true! I now hear my mother come flying out of my mouth and I now understand why.

  6. Oh so true. Reminds me of the song by Creedence, can't remember the title. Just think of all the treasure you are storing up in Heaven by investing eternal things in your girls. I know we don't get to see much reward in the present at times but, I hope that God sees how hard we mamas try...I believe he does and I know he blesses us all for it! You are such an amazing mama!

  7. Your girls would get along well with mine - nothing is as important as gum at the end of a school day! My husband and I do the same thing. This year, though, my 8 year old appreciated all the talk and worrying because it resulted in switching her to a new school that is a much better fit for her and she knows that we're the ones who made that happen. Your girls will appreciate a few key things along the way but all the things you do and have done they'll understand when they're mothers themselves. Think about our own mothers. It took becoming a mother myself to really understand everything she did for me and my sisters. Have a great day!


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