Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Have A Problem

And it's a big one folks.

For whatever reason, God only knows, I have been blessed with....

*wait for it*

A Morning Person

Cute and sweet, no?


Except at 6 AM.

It's like she wakes up as though she's already been awake for hours.

Follow me?  Definitely one of those "Hooray!  It's a new day!" kind of people.

Me?  Notsomuch.

We've already established the fact that I'm abnormally dependent on my coffee.  In an unhealthy sort of way.  As in, "don't look at me until I've had my first cup" sort of way.

Unfortunately, the FDA has not yet approved the coffee IV, which would solve all my problems.  I could get my first shot before I ever had to open my eyes.

Instead, I'm awakened each and every morning by this perky little blonde, skipping and prancing into my room.

I know, I know.  I should be grateful.

Gratefulness is hard to come by at 6 AM.

Let me get my coffee first.



  1. I think susanshelden has the right idea!

  2. Harness her am energy, teach her to brew your favorite coffee and have her serve it to you in bed! Sounds heavenly to me and she would probably really enjoy it. Look for a fancy tray and maybe a special apron for her....hmmmm, the ideas are endless.

  3. So I would get on your nerves!

    I love mornings (yes, love me some coffee too!), but honestly, things just seem clearer, and let me tell you...I have a lot to say in the morning!

    Perfect picture. I can almost hear her tearing through your house!

  4. love that photo of her! My whole family are morning people so I get that but call our house after 8:30pm and well we are like you in the morning.

  5. LOL! My daughter is also one of these morning people. I have no idea where she came from because I am so not!

  6. I feel your pain. One of my four is ready to go the second she wakes up... the rest of us would like to cover our heads and stay in bed for another hour or so.

  7. Boy do I hear you. My little one likes to wake up at 6:30 every morning and I want to screammm" just 30 more minutes pllleeeaaassseee!" hahaha. I do however; get up and surprise myself every time. My hubby on the other hand who used to be the morning person has become the grouch. It's as if we have reversed roles since having a child. I find that interesting...hmmmmm...yes, lots of coffee please!

  8. The problem for me is I am a morning person but so are my boys... the alone time I've always cherished vanished a little over three years ago. To get any morning time to myself (to have that cup of coffee you're referring to) I need to get up and out of bed no later than 5. Most days though, we all get up at 6, I make the coffee with one baby in my arms, I attempt to drink a cup with both boys on my lap, if I'm lucky I get a refill (which usually goes cold) then around 2 I brew a much needed second pot and demand I get to drink at least one full cup from it! Can you tell I'm addicted too? Haha.

    I hear that eventually they'll sleep in and getting them out of bed will be a problem... I'm not sure that's gonna happen here :).

    Great pic of your morning person. Cute!

  9. I think all of my children belong in this category. I don't know where they get it from either cuz I am the farthest thing from a morning person EVAH. And ditto dh.

    Cute pic of the sunny princess. :)

  10. Ugh! 6 AM is way too early for me! She sure is cute, though!


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