Monday, November 29, 2010

I Like The Sound Of Free!

Are you a procrastinator like me?  Who hasn't even thought about Christmas cards yet?  Go on, raise your hand.  So, here's the deal: is offering bloggers fifty photo Christmas cards for free, just for blogging about their site and sharing their products.


Um, sign me up please!

I'm super excited about this.  I love Christmas cards.  I love giving them and I love getting them.  Friends, family, my vet - it doesn't matter.  I love them all.

I'm not the greatest though, at getting my act together.  First of all, getting photos worthy of a card is sweat inducing at best.  We have a family photo shoot set up for this Thursday and I've been stressing about it for a month.  A MONTH people!  Two words:  FOUR KIDS.  Yeah, you're breaking into a sweat just thinking about it too, aren't you?

But then, once I have the pictures in hand, I have to decide what sort of card I'd like to send.  Traditional?  Inspirational?  Timeless?  Quirky?  Whimsical?  Have you been to and checked out their cards?  The options are endless.

Right now I'm really liking this How Holly Story Christmas card:

It's got the right amount of photo openings for our family, and I love how I can add a couple lines about each of the girls.  It's a little more traditional looking than I usually go for, but it's definitely a top contender.  This is a flat card option, which is nice and simple.

I'm also loving this Joy Wishes Folded Christmas card:

If we can get the right family shot of all of us, this might be a keeper.  No pressure, right?  And with this one I love that if I'm a little behind in getting the cards out, it would sorta work for a new year card too.  See, look how practical that is!

Finally (I'm totally digressing from cards here), have you seen's calendars?  

I have to tell you, these suckers are the  Seriously.  What do your parents or in-laws really need that they don't already have?  A calendar full of pictures of your adorable children of course!  We do one of these every year for our parents and grandparents and they are a huge hit.  HUGE.

So, I've got a big decision ahead of me.  Which card to choose?  Hmmm... it's going to take a bit to decide.  I suppose first I should survive the photo shoot.  Deep breaths....

In the meantime, do you want to spread the love and receive 50 free cards yourself?  Check it.  It's too awesome to pass up!



  1. NO PRESSURE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Whoo hoo thanks for sharing, totally jumping on this bandwagon!


  3. You're killin' me!!! I JUST ordered my Shutterfly cards LAST NIGHT! I would have loved to get 50 for free!! WAH!!! :(

  4. I can't wait to see what you create!


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