Monday, January 28, 2013

The One In Which I Might Become A Germophobe

Yesterday was not my day.

It was one of those parenting days they don't tell you about before you have kids, because if they did you would probably run screaming in the opposite direction and the population of the world would hang in the balance as young, sane people everywhere would refuse to procreate in attempt to avoid such a day.

Yes.  It was that bad.

We had just come off an awesome start to our weekend.  Back to back gymnastics meets.  Ribbons, trophies and smiles everywhere.  And total cuteness in bright blue leos.

I mean, come on!  Cute overload.

Then.  It happened.

The middle-of-the-night-mommy-I-don't-feel-good.

The 5 most dreaded words that send mothers everywhere to their knees (or rocking in a corner in their happy place).

Thus began the "up all night" routine as I attempted to manage Princess #3's ear pain, calm her from hysterics and not get completely ticked off at hubs who snored peacefully the whole night.

Ok.  Ok.  He DID have to work the next day.  And he did make a midnight run to the drugstore for ear drops.  I can't get too cranky.

So the next morning it was clear that Princess #3 was suffering from an ear infection.  And on the weekend you know what that means:

Cesspool Of Germs  Urgent Care.

You can guess how fun it is to go to the Cesspool Of Germs Urgent Care with 4 kids (3 of them healthy - for now) at the height of flu season.

I will spare you most of the gory details.  But because I want you to share in my misery a little bit, I can't leave out the part during our TWO HOUR wait where a little boy puked into a bucket held by his mom.  IN the waiting room.  In front of everyone.  Feet from the (unoccupied) restroom.  Really?  I mean, REALLY?  Let the poor boy puke in peace.  And for the love of all things related to not spreading germs, take him to the restroom!!

I'm not sure how I made it out of the Cesspool Of Germs Urgent Care without developing a full blown panic attack.  I can't tell you how many times I told the girls "don't touch the doors, don't touch the chairs, for God's sake don't put your hands IN YOUR MOUTH!"

Is it ok to bathe kids in Germ-X?  Because I might have.

The rest of the day was spent watching movies and ignoring the dishes and laundry while I cuddled with a feverish Princess #3.  Which really actually isn't that bad.  But I figured by that point I deserved it.  Afterall, the chapter on "What to Expect When Your Kid Wakes You Up At Midnight With An
Ear Infection and You Are Going To Be Forced To Drag All Four Of Your Kids To The Cesspool Of Germs Urgent Care During Flu Season" was missing from my book.




  1. Blech!!  My skin crawls every time I have to step foot in a doctor's office of any kind. Germs, germs, GERMS!

  2. Ugh I hope she feels better soon! I HATE when people don't show concern for their spreading of germs! I mean they know if they sneeze they should cover their nose..but do they? NO! I have been a GermX queen this winter! Only had 1 -24 hour stomach flu and that was only because 13 of my family members at Christmas had it and didn't know! Yes Bathing in GermX is just fine! Also I have before used a bit of neosporin on a q-tip and put it right inside your nose it blocks out some of the bad germs!  


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