Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Feeling Fickle

Pardon me while I mess around with my blog. I get bored very, very easily. And I'm non-commital. And I'm OK with that. But that means I can't keep my blog background the same for years, just like I can't keep the same comforter on my bed, or the same dishes, or heck, even live in the same state for very long (Hubby's just lucky he doesn't bore me. HA! Just kidding babe!). I'd LOVE to have a custom one made someday, but I have neither the skills nor the funds to create or purchase one. Fortunately, there are several freebies on the web that are halfways decent.

So let me know what you think. I'm pretty bipolar when it comes to design. Or actually, I guess I should say MULTI-polar, because I love a little of everything. I love vintage, I love modern, I love stream-lined and simple, I love cutesy, I love classic. Unfortunately, those design elements don't all love each other. So deciding on one is tough for me. Yes, I know, horrible problem to be dealing with today, my life is so hard!

Oh and if you know of any good freebie websites to peruse, let me know! I'm in the mood for change.


  1. This is very cute! I like it!

  2. I think this background suits you more. The other one was too black, I think. This one is adorable.

  3. I agree with Mathmom! This one is GREAT! Super cute, looks more princessish too. :)


Let me know what you think!

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