Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's the End of the World As We Know It

You'd think the apocalypse was upon us. Freezing rain, ice, snow. Bearing down on us with looming ferocity. It's been dubbed THE STORM of 2010. Pretty impressive considering we're only 4 weeks into the year.

Normally I'm skeptical. Our weathermen (and woman) are notorious for declaring gloom and doom. And we're not exactly planners. Shoot, we didn't even fill up our bathtub or stock canned goods for Y2K. But the first winter we lived here we had THE STORM. Lost power for four days. Slept on an air mattress by the fireplace. All 5 of us. Plus the dog. On a queen sized air mattress. For FOUR long nights. It was pitch black in the house by 5pm. Romantic for a couple. Pure hell for a couple with 3 small children. I'm in no way eager to repeat that.

So this time I'm a bit more prepared. I didn't run out and buy a generator (might be regretting that one later), but I did stock up on flashlights and batteries, rock salt for the driveway and of course, the fixin's for s'mores (hey we're gonna have to eat something for dinner if we lose power!).

We'll see how it goes. Right now we're about an hour away from THE STORM. If I don't update for several days, you'll know why. I'm huddled in blankets eating my s'mores.

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  1. Good job on getting prepared! I haven't done anything yet. Guess I need to get some flashlights and rock salt too. Love the s'mores idea!! :)


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