Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just What You've Been Waiting For

I start to get all panicky if I let too many days go by without blogging. It's like I'm afraid that all my readers (enter self-depreciating "ALL" here, ha!) will *poof* disappear if more than 48 hours passes without an update. Maybe you will... will you? Should I be worried? Is your faithfulness conditional upon mine? Am I too needy? Does that bother you? Are you ok? LOL Ah, this reminds me of Junior High romance. Oh the joys of self-induced angst. Just don't break up with me in a note ok? "It's not that I don't like you, because I do... as a friend..." Ouch. That stings.

ANYWAY, usually what happens when I start to feel all pressured to get something written down is that inevitably I can't think of anything interesting to say. So instead you get a jumbled up concoction of random thoughts, as if you cared. Well, guess what today is? Whoo hoo! Random thoughts! You're excited. I can tell.

1. So I'm thinking about learning how to knit or crochet. I'm only a little bit embarrassed to admit I don't know the difference between the two (is there a difference?). Is it hard? How long before I can knit (crochet) a cute little beanie? I don't want to get stuck just making pot holders. One can only give away so many pot holders.

2. I think it's so interesting how one of the first instincts a baby has when exploring her world is to put things in her mouth. I'm so glad that we lose that instinct along the way... unless of course it's something chocolate.

3. My baby's first birthday is in less than a week. Can't believe a whole year has gone by. With our first princess, we went all out for her first birthday. We had a luau, invited an obscene number of people, decorated in a way that would make Martha proud. Poor Princess #4. She's getting a party decorated with discounted Valentine's Day decor, a homemade birthday cake and a modest guest list. My how things have changed.

4. I read a birth story on a blog this week (well, I think everyone and their neighbor read the story this week. At last check she had over 700 comments on that entry. Isn't the internet amazing? I'm giddy if I get more than 5 comments.). If you haven't read it, click here, then do like me and cry, run and hug your babies and thank God for your many blessings - both the obviously good ones and the ones in disguise.

5. American Idol FINALLY got to the good part this week - Hollywood. All I have to say is Andrew Garcia. I hope he goes all the way.

6. My friend Melissa has inspired me to be a better mommy with her new bento blog. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, maybe it works for kids too? It will at least make mealtime more enjoyable. I love her ideas because they're so accessible. Now if I want to get overwhelmed and feel totally inadequate, I go here. But mostly I don't. Because Melissa rocks.

7. I'm considering sharing more pictures here, but I haven't totally decided yet. Obviously I've kept some level of anonymity here since I know most, but not all of my readers. You probably won't be seeing pictures of my beautiful princesses' faces anytime soon, but maybe you can see their cute toes or the backs of their heads? Now THAT will get you coming back, won't it?! Ha!

8. On a somewhat related note (ok, not really)... if you are reading this over at Facebook, do me a favor and click on this linky and read here. It's alot more fun that way, at least I think so!

9. I'm about to undertake the huge task of painting our living room. I already think I'm crazy and I haven't started yet. I'd love nothing more than to outsource, but dang it where is that money tree? Hubby and I are still debating shades. We're thinking an olive-y, taupe-y, greenish. That's a color, right?

10. I really need to think of one more random thought because I'm anal enough that I can't stop the list at 9. That would bug me all day.

There, now isn't your life more enriched? You just spent the last few minutes (or seconds) reading a completely useless list of my inner thoughts. It really IS like Junior High all over again and I've just passed your time in math class. Just make sure you check the right box:
Will you be my friend? ____ yes ____no

My word, how DID we survive Junior High?


  1. I was so totally ready to break-up with you this week if you didn't write anything.

    LOVE Mr. Garcia - LOVE HIM BUNCHES!!!!

    I know the whole internet/public/blogging/private/picture thing is scary. It is such a personal decision. As you know, I am "out" there already and enjoy it. It is sometimes actually hard for me to read/appreciate and keep attending people's blogs if I don't feel like they let me know them/they are hiding or everything is a code even their name..kwim? Anyway, my 2 cents.

    Oh, and start knitting - you will love it.

  2. You are so ridiculous! Bento doesn't make you a better mommy. In fact, I'm often paranoid people will think I'm pretentious for making their lunches like that. LOL Thanks for the shout-out though. ;-)

    I think you could totally knit! I have a pal who is anything BUT crafty. In fact she'd call herself the anti-crafter. But she learned a couple stitches and in just a couple weeks had make like 3 beanies. And they were cute! With little knit flower accents even! I know if SHE could do it, I can to. I just need to learn how to get started!

  3. err, I can too. Too. Two o's.


  4. #1. Knitting is the thing old ladies do with the two needle things and crocheting is the thing with the one needle-hook thing. :)

    #4 I read that last week and it was a serious tear-jerker (even as a not-yet-mommy).

    #11 Your post made my day. :)

  5. You can knit/crochet. My memaw did it all the time and said she could teach a monkey to do it. Funny she never taught me, right? ;)

    The birth story was so moving to me. I really did stop and think about learning from every experience I have.

    And just think of Melissa's blog as inspiring. She does great stuff!


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