Friday, February 19, 2010

They Don't Know That We Know That They Know

I am a Friendsaholic. I unabashedly admit to owning every single season of Friends on DVD. I've watched through the entire series at least twice. I was young enough when the show aired that I didn't fully understand everything they were saying. It's a heck of alot funnier to me now.

One of my favorite episodes is The One Where Everybody Finds Out. Monica and Chandler have been secretly dating and Phoebe and Rachel find out and the four of them engage in a hilarious game of "They don't know that we know that they know" (say that 3 times fast!).

This morning hubby and I were discussing Princess #2. She's our sneaky one. The one that tries to get away with things. Her biggest offense, pretending to go to the bathroom when we ask her to, and even worse, pretending to wash her hands but actually not (yes, ew). She comes out of the bathroom after spending all of 1.2 seconds in there, claiming up and down that she went, when I know full well there is no way in the world she could have unbuttoned her pants, done her business, buttoned back up, flushed AND washed her hands in that amount of time. I call her on it all.the.time. Each time she looks at me like "HOW did you know?" I'm the mom, that's how.

So I told hubby today, we need to keep astounding her with our mad parenting ESP while she's still little, so that it's firmly established that WE ALWAYS KNOW. That way, when she's a teenager and is tempted to sneak out of the house with a boy we've told her to not get within a mile of, she'll be too scared to try. The mantra of our house, a la Friends, needs to be, "We know that they ALWAYS KNOW". We don't need to let the princesses in on the little secret that most of the time we DON'T KNOW, but that their guilty faces and loud protesting give them away every time. We'll just keep that to ourselves. Shhhh.


  1. LOL I have Adisyn convinced that I took the pick that someone tagged me on Facebook and that is how I found out she played her DSi at the dinner table. She is like HOW DID YOU DO THAT? I told her Mama sees EVERYTHING! So that's "our" little secret!

  2. That should be pic not I am getting bad about that!

  3. Our oldest is CONVINCED we have "secret cameras" in our house and that's how I know the things that I know. ;-)

    It's hilarious how I can bust him for having snuck candy into his room and he immediately blames these "secret cameras", not realizing that the pile of candy wrappers inside his pillow case is what gave him away.


  4. Great post. I love having magical mom powers. Freaks them out.


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