Monday, February 15, 2010


Today you are one.

How did that happen?

365 days ago you took your first breath, so fragile, so dependent

Now you march around like you own the place.

Well, maybe you do.

You are the baby afterall.

MY baby.

I still see glimpses of that precious newborn from time to time.

Early in the morning, when we cuddle in the rocking chair, before you're off and running.

I'd sit there and hold you all day if I could.

Smell your hair, count your toes.

Of course, you are too busy for that.

You aren't afraid to get into it with your sisters.

You keep us moving.

From the shock of learning of your existence,

to your dramatic entrance into the world.

You've changed us.

You've changed me.

Our family is now complete.

You have filled the hole and filled our hearts.

Happy first birthday my sweet Princess #4.


  1. Happy birthday sweet baby! It's hard to believe it's been a whole year!

    I can't even bear to think that I'm so close to that milestone here. Whoa.

  2. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

  3. Ok, I need a Kleenex! Tears filled my eyes as I remembered those same feelings when Ella turned one. Oh, the love between a mom and her babies! Happy Birthday, B!

  4. LOVE this post and the pictures! Happy Birthday Baby.

  5. I love this post! All those pics are just beautiful!!! Happy birthday!

  6. So sweet! Love all those pictures!


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