Tuesday, October 19, 2010

L'Eau De Pee

My house smells like pee.  Well, more specifically my 3 year old smells like pee.  And where my 3 year old goes, there the smell of pee goes as well.

Why, I wonder?  Does she enjoy smelling of pee?  No, she claims.

Then why would one, who supposedly does not enjoy smelling of pee nor sitting in wet britches deign to do so?

Therein my friends, lies the mystery.



  1. Oh the smell of pee, I know it well hahaha! Potty training leaves such a lovely odor doesn't it, ahhhhh lol


  2. So fun! Walking in your shoes right now potty training my almost 3 year old twins. Definitely motivated by different things. For my son, it has to be HIS decision. The look, smell, feel, etc. of wet britches does not bother him. For my little princess, she thrives on praise and the excitement of wearing "big girl panties."

  3. Ahhh, good times.

    I am not looking forward to struggling through potty training again! Maybe this one will be a quick learner. Fingers crossed!

    Hoping tomorrow is a pee free day for you!

  4. Potty training is one thing that I do not miss at all! Good luck with getting princess number three trained.

  5. I think someone should start a business where you drop your kid off on Monday and pick them up on Friday and BaBing! Potty Trained! The owner of this company would be on the cover of Forbes in no time.

  6. My little sister was 7 years younger than me and she always pee peed in her pants too and it never bothered her either...drove me crazy because I shared a room with her! BUt, boy was she a cutie pie. It only last a few months but, that felt like an eternity! hahah. Love the mondo glasses!


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