Friday, October 29, 2010



It's a good day!

For corn...

and getting lost...

for jumping...

and loving...

A good day.

My friends, my apologies for being so absent this week.  We've have yet another tummy bug roar through our house with a vengeance and I haven't had it in me to blog about, well, puke.  I'm worn down and tired and all that jazz.  But hang with me, k?  So here's to a healthy weekend and a candy filled holiday!



  1. I love these photos. So beautiful!

  2. Great shots! Looks like a blast :) I am so sorry the icky bug prowled through your house, so far we are still all healthy in our house but I hear its going around something terrible! :(


  3. That looks like fun! Audrey is going on a field trip with her class this week to a corn maze. Crossing my fingers she doesn't get lost since I won't be able to go with her.
    I hope you guys are feeling much better!

  4. Cute pictures!! YOu all have fun too and get well and healthy! It's so cold here I sure hope Halloween night is warm enough to go out, otherwise we'll just stay inside and pass out candy to the brave ones who are bearing with the cold!

  5. Love your pics, but the first is my favorite. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


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