Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Milk Comes From Where??

So, apparently Princess #3 is not a farm girl.  I can't say I blame her.
When her preschool class took a trip to a dairy farm a couple weeks ago, she spent most of the day looking like this:

Again, I can't exactly blame her.
Cows sorta stink.
Especially cows out in the abnormally hot October air.
(WHERE IS FALL!?!?!?!)

The kids got a chance to get up close and personal.
Princess #4 wasn't afraid to get close to the action.

She's fearless, that one.

Princess #3 was a good sport and did attempt to milk a cow.
I jokingly asked her if she drank the milk and she looked at me like I had 3 heads.
Not so funny mama.
Fortunately drinking milk from the fridge is still perfectly acceptable.

So it doesn't look like we've got cow raising or dairy farming in our future.

Archeology?  Maybe.

Gotta love it when you ask your preschooler what their favorite part of the dairy farm trip was and they announce with much enthusiasm:  Digging in the dirt!

We have plenty of that at home.  No farm needed.  Or cows either, apparently.

My friends, milked any cows lately?  ;-)



  1. I have never milked a cow and I don't plan on ever doing it. I am right there with your daughter, except maybe for the dirt part.

  2. truthfully, i have never milked a cow...not all that interested but, would be willing to try it at least once;). I would probably have my nose plugged too..I have a sensitive nosie:). I'm taking my little one to the patch this weekend. Excited to see her look at the animals!

  3. I have the same type of nose-plugging photo of my son at the poultry exhibit at the fair. I grew up with chickens. It didn't even phase me. My kids are so sheltered!


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