Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thanks. I Think.

You know when someone pays you a compliment and your first thought is, well, thanks.  And then after you think it over another minute you think, wait, was that *really* a compliment?

I run into that alot having four kids, all girls at that.  We tend to attract quite a bit of attention when we're all out and about (especially if princess #4 is exercising her new temper tantrum tricks).  And most people we interact with can't help but comment.

So today I was volunteering at Princess #3's preschool during the bookfair.  Myself and two other moms did the work of one as we set out mini muffins on plates and poured OJ.  Yes, we're talking real tough stuff here.  Good thing there were 3 of us.

Anyway, in true mom fashion, after the madness of the mini muffin rush died down, we started chatting about our kids, have you been at this school long, how many kids do you have, yada yada.  When I mentioned that I had four kids the other two moms muttered their "wow's" and then one blurted out,

"you look really good for having four kids!"

Uh.... thanks.  Does this mean that if I had only one kid then I look like crap?  Do I get a pass since I've got four kids and therefore get bonus points that move me further up the scale on "looking good"?  I even had makeup on today, which means I made an effort.  I'd hate to see where I fall on that scale when I don't make an effort.  Maybe I should pop out a few more kids so I can just roll out of bed and be a 10. Now that would be awesome.

Yes, yes, I know.  She was just being nice.  But I'm feeling cynical today.  Go with me.

My friends, have you been the recipient of a "compliment" that makes you take pause?  



  1. Haha totally feelin ya on that one!!!!!!


  2. Girl, ONLY 3 is an oxymoron. All moms deserve medals if they can get out of the house with their shirt on facing the right way!

  3. Bahahaha. Oh, sorry I know I'm not supposed to laugh. I think you look fantastic. She was probably just impressed that someone with four kids has time to look as cute and put together as you do. I only have three and I feel like I deserve a medal if I make it out of my house looking halfway presentable.

  4. Oh No - I'm sure she was indeed just trying to be nice. Funny how interpretation gets so messy. Hope your doing great

  5. LOL! That sounds like how I start thinking. My husband loves when I wear makeup and accessorize- which I honestly only do Sundays of special occassions. And he is always saying "wow you look GREAT", and I can't help but trap him in that by saying something like- "So without my makeup I only look okay?" He can never win if I choose to be cynical in those moments!!

  6. With that reasoning I think I should put my uterus back in action...I am really tired of being just mediocre!

  7. Ahhhh, yes. I know of that "compliment"! It always makes me wonder when somebody says that. Is that their nice of way of saying that I would be ass ugly if I had no children? Haha. I always over analyze compliments though so who knows if they are really trying to pay me a true compliment, lol. Even if they are I still tear it apart in my crazy head!

  8. Oh that drives me nuts! Like you don't have enough going on to deal with a backhanded compliment. Well in my world, you just look FAB no matter what. I wish I looked like you at any point in my life!


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