Monday, January 31, 2011

Becoming 2

So princess #4 has turned into quite the little spazz recently.

It sort of cracks me up.

She runs around the house yelling, "AY-IE!!  AY-IE!!"

and then she'll collapse on the floor and throw her legs up in the air.

She follows me around, insisting she has poopy.

(I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  Haven't had an early trainer yet.)

She sleeps with about 100 stuffies in her crib.

I'm not kidding.

And she has to kiss each and every one of them and have them all 
"arranged" before she can go to sleep.

Even then I'll hear her for a good hour after I've left her room, talking to her friends.

 She must sit in her own chair at the table (no booster seat anymore!) and use real utensils.

She does not like me to help her brush her teeth.

She's started actually sitting still while I read her books.  Her favorite is George.  "George was curious!"

And as her command of language improves, she's become easier to handle.  She gets less frustrated, or at least isn't as quick to flip out.  She tries more words, works to make herself understood.

She's just... well...

well, I guess she isn't really becoming a spazz, she's just becoming 2.


Where did my baby go?



  1. I enjoyed reading about your little one. These are the things I have to look forward too in the very near future;0 She is SO cute!! Sounds like she wants to be a big girl now! 2 going on 20;0

  2. Now, that is an adorable picture, I am sure it captures her personality perfectly. She reminds me of my little Chloe, especially with the kissing the stuffies goodnight. Except tonight, it was a group of her older sister's Barbies.


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