Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On The Subject of Facial Hair

I have to come clean.

Thus far I have painted a beautiful picture of a perfect marriage between hubs and I.  And truly, we rock at this being married thing.  We're good for each other.


We have one point of contention.  Well, maybe more, but one I'm going to address today (this isn't Dr. Phil afterall!).

Facial hair.

NOT mine.  (really now?)


I'm kinda not sure about facial hair.  I like goatees ok and soul patches aren't too bad.  Mustaches need to disappear off the face of the planet (sorry Tom Selleck, doesn't do anything for me).  And I've got this thing about beards.  As in, I'm not a big fan.  At least not on my husband.  I'm sure this aversion to a beard on hubs originated from the fact that my dad has a beard.  In fact, I've never known him without one.  He has NEVER shaved it off in my entire 33 years of life.

Clearly (and rightfully so in my opinion), beards are VERY paternal for me.

You can see how this would cause issues with hubs' beard.

When the hubs and I met, the first time (or actually second time... long story - I do need to share that at some point), he had long Jesus hair (no joke) and I think no facial hair.  I say I think because honestly I didn't really give him a second glance.

The second (third) time we met he was still clean shaven, but his hair was clean cut too.  Apparently this worked for me because we became inseparable then.

Little did I know that his prior little stint with growing out Jesus hair was a clue to his fickleness when it comes to hair.

Fast forward 11 years and the hair on his head has gotten thinner and thinner to the point where it's just better to shave it all off.  Trust me, this is a much better look.

Once we got the issue of the receding hairline addressed, I thought that would be it for hair conversations.

I was wrong.

The beard has begin making it's appearance more and more over the last few years.  Hubs claims laziness, boredom, and desire to totally aggravate me as the top reasons for the growth.  I think he enjoys taunting me with this way too much.  And I'm not talking a little baby beard here either.  Hubs is the kind that has a 5 o clock shadow by noon.  When he jokes about growing a Santa beard, he really could do it.  This my friends, is scary.

Hubs with a recently trimmed beard.  Imagine about 2 months worth of growth and that's what I'm looking at now.  Sigh.

I thought I had won a battle recently when I asked him when the beard was going to go away.  He replied that he was going to shave it off very soon.


Then he smirked at me in a way where I knew he about to show his full hand.

What?  I asked.

"I think I'm going to wear a mustache"

Lord help me.



  1. The other night we watched "The Hangover" for the umpteenth time. Hubby casually said (in reference to Zach Galifinakis, or however you spell it)... "That's what my beard would look like." My response? "You know where the guest room is if you ever grow a beard." I am just NOT about facial hair. Period.

  2. Well it really does seem to work for him.....cute couple in the pic!
    I have NO experience with facial hair except 5 o'clock shadow/stubble. Does is get softer as it gets longer?

  3. You and your hubs make one cute couple, no matter the hair. I can understand the aversion though! Thanks for your comment today!


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