Thursday, January 6, 2011

It Takes A Special Person To Be A Christmas Baby

It means your mama was in labor on Christmas Day.
Your very first Christmas was spent in the hospital.

It means that forever you will have your siblings (and the rest of the world) open presents on your birthday.
That's sort of not fair.

It means that the days leading up to your birthday are consumed with busyness, shopping, baking, travelling...
Often that results in plans for your birthday getting lost in the shuffle.

It means that for the rest of your life when asked you will have to engage in this conversation:

you: My birthday is December 25th.

someone else:  You were born on Christmas?!

you: (sigh) Yes.  Christmas.  

(it happens you know, babies don't have calendars in utero)

It means that you will always have to share your day.
It will never just be your own.


It also means that your birthday will never be forgotten.
That will be especially helpful for your future husband.

It means that you get extra special treatment
Because mommy wants to make sure that you're not overlooked.

It means extra presents.
Nothing bad about that!

And it means being birthday buddies with 3 very important people in our lives:

Jesus Christ

Great Grandpa

and Nana.

You are one lucky little lady.
Happy 6th Birthday my sweet Princess #2!
You bring so much joy to our lives.
Your smile is infectious.
Your heart is so big.
You are so loved.



  1. I can't believe she is six. Seriously. I remember you guys leaving for OR and then finding out you were expecting her. Amazing. And that's the last time we saw you guys. Yep. Too long. Well, Happy Birthday, Savannah!

  2. Aww, I hope she had a fabulous birthday. My due date with Sophie was Christmas day, but she arrived two days early and I brought her home on Christmas day. She always tells people that she was my Christmas present, lol.

  3. Your princess #2 looks so happy to be kneeling in front of her gifts. This was so well-written.

  4. What a super sweet post and Happy birthday to your little girl!! Also, love your new layout!! Big pictures are a yeah:)!!

  5. Very sweet! I can't imagine having a Christmas birthday...she sure looks happy! :-) Good for you for making it special for her...she deserves that!

  6. She is so adorable! Happy (belated) 6th Birthday to your sweet girl!

  7. I never knew you had a Christmas baby! Addie's due date was Christmas, but she came a bit early. How wild to have so many Christmas b-days in your family! Happy belated birthday to #2!!


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