Thursday, January 20, 2011

Need Some Blog Organization Advice

I've got sick kiddos at home, which has sent me on a mad cleaning spree.  And in the midst of cleaning I've found several areas of the house that are in need of re-organization.  I'm not so much a fan of cleaning, but I love a good organized anything.

So in that mindset, I'm looking at my blog and noticing some areas I'd like to organize.  In particular, I'm wanting to redo all my labels or tags.  I haven't had a good system for tagging and I don't even have them listed on my blog because I think it's messy.

If you look at my profile, I have succinctly described everything I'm about and really what this blog might touch on at some point or another.  I've decided I could tag each post with one of these phrases and it would adequately label what each post is about.

So you might notice at the top of the page now under my tabs (which currently lead to incomplete pages - another project for another day) are each of the phrases from my profile - or most at least.  I haven't gone in and completely changed the tags on my old posts yet.  If you click on a phrase, it will (theoretically, since I'm not done yet) take you to a page that has each post under that label in sequential order.

My question is:  Does this make sense?  Would you use this?  Would it be helpful to you to be able to click on, say, Natural Childbirth Enthusiast and have all my posts covering childbirth in one place?

I want to make sure that this is not confusing.  Of course, all posts will show up on the main page as they are published, but would also appear on their coordinating label page.  I'm also not sure about the appearance as they are.  I haven't had a chance to fiddle with the html or create buttons or anything yet, so as it stands does it make sense?  At some point I can pretty it up, but I have no idea when I'll have the time for that and retagging EVERY post is going to take plenty of time on it's own.

One other option is to put these label links on my About Me page instead.  That would unclutter my main page, but I wonder if it would get lost buried in another page?  Thoughts?

So give me your feedback please!  I don't want to waste my time on something that might not be used!
Thank you!

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