Friday, June 11, 2010

Business Time

I've got a ridiculous amount of old college T-shirts.  4 years of collecting a shirt to commemorate every possible event, moment and sneeze.  10+ years later and I'm just breaking them in.  The soft, worn cotton that's just starting to feel smooth like velvet thanks to the numerous spins through the washing machine... perfection.

They are threadbare enough I no longer wear them out and about (not to mention the fact that late 90's T-shirts are just not a good look.  Maybe in about 20 more years when the boxy look comes back around.).  Gradually over time they have been delegated to my pajama drawer where a mysterious and unconscious event has occurred:  they began taking over.  At first it was subtle, a T-shirt or two here or there, stuffed among lingerie, nighties and other various "early marriage" sleepwear.  Eventually though, the T-shirts began to overflow out of the drawer, and into a second, accompanied now not by lingerie but by flannel pajama pants.  I thought the shift was gradual enough that he wouldn't notice...

Notsomuch.  The threats have been subtle and not so subtle, ranging from "Nice T-shirt" to "One day I'm just going to throw all those shirts away."  Today, I discovered something fishy.  One of my favorite T-shirts, wadded up and in the bag we keep in the garage for dirty diapers.  ??????  Suspicious, no?  I went to my pajama drawer.  I THOUGHT I had been short on shirts this past week, and had just attributed it to the pile of laundry (both dirty and clean) that was waiting to be dealt with.  But now I wonder.... Hubby is pleading the 5th.  Methinks someone is making good on a threat...

On a completely NON related note (or not?!?  ha!), if you've never seen Flight of the Conchords perform 'Business Time', you must watch it now.  Here.  Now.  Prepare to laugh.  And don't act like it's not a little bit true.  Cuz you know it is.  Sometimes.  For SOME people.  OTHER people...  *wink wink*

*not for little eyes or ears please!  This one makes me blush*


  1. ROLF! My PJ drawer is the sister to yours. I refer to it as the evolution of a wardrobe!

  2. You know, when a certain someone I know starts thinking about Business Time like that, I try to remember that at least he still finds me hot in that old, stained frat shirt of his.

    And my frat shirts are much older than yours. LOL!

  3. that's so funny that he has threatened you...i have threatened d with his fruit shirts! there are probably around 70 out in the garage because i bagged them up.


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