Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear Home Depot Dude:

I realize that this is probably not your dream job.

I understand that mixing paint on a Monday night is most likely not your idea of a fun time.

I can imagine that there are a hundred other things you'd rather be doing.

However, I do feel inclined to point out that you do get PAID to be there, mixing paint on a Monday night.

Therefore, it is usually in good form to perform the task you get paid for in a timely manner to the best of your ability.

Even if you'd rather not be there.

Please know that standing at the paint counter at Home Depot on a Monday night is not my idea of fun either.

Especially with four children in tow.

It's REALLY not their idea of fun.

I don't expect you to understand this now, but someday you will:  Where kids and home improvement are concerned, it's best to just get in and get out.  As fast as possible.

So I think it would be awesome if we could just strike up a little agreement.

The next time I come into your store with my kids (which won't be for a LONG time, I promise), I won't bother you with silly questions about whether or not I really need primer,

and in return it would be cool if you'd maybe just put your personal phone call on hold long enough to get to the counter in under 15 minutes, and pretend to show some interest in the fact that I'm standing there.

I think we'd all be much happier.

Because I could get in and get out.

And you wouldn't have to spend the rest of your night restocking the paint samples after my kids got to them.

Sorry 'bout that.

They had to do SOMETHING and that was better than the alternative.

Trust me.

So do we have a deal?

Sincerely, Frazzled Mom (AKA "I used up all my patience on my kids so it's best to not test me")


  1. I hear ya! My kids despise places like home depot and lowes. Which is really not good considering I need to run by Home depot today to get moulding for Kylie's room.

  2. Great post. I highly suggest you share this with the manager, you will be doing all fellow Mom's in your neighborhood a big favor. Have a great day!

  3. I agree with TV's Take. You should send this to the manager.

  4. i so look forward to your posts... and this is exactly why. so funny! i used to love roaming the isles of places like home depot (or the equivalent here in australia) and thinking about projects i wanted to do around the house or yard... but oh my, that's changed a little. i now run in and out in a race against time or before my little one can pull everything off the shelves. hubs has lots more patience than i do so he's still roaming those isles and "teaching" levi all he needs to know about tools and whatever. i now go sit in the garden furniture area (which is set up indoors) and pretend that i have a few minutes to myself to work on my tan. ;)

  5. I've contemplated sending on to management! Maybe I'll get some free paint out of the deal! LOL If I was more aggressive (see, my non-confrontational side working against me!), I would have asked him to tell his friend that he'd call back later!

    Adriel, yes, shopping takes on a whole new meaning after kids. If I can get a trip to Target in by myself that's like heaven!

  6. Seriously agreeing with everyone...pass it on! I'm totally non-confrontational too, so I would probably wimp out, but that is ridiculous. It's his job. If he doesn't want to do it, I can guarantee there are tons of other people in this country right now who do.

    Sorry, that sounds like an incredibly frustrating experience!

  7. Definitely send it in to your HD!!

    And if by some crazy chance the manager doesn't make it right for you, go to the district manager.

    You know I worked at HD when I was in college. Customer service means a lot to them. They'd WANT to know your experience.

    p.s. I freaking hate taking the kids to home improvement stores. They act completely insane the second we walk in. Ugh.

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