Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Life is funny how it happens, isn't it?

I mean, who among us hasn't had The Plan. A path we were certain our life would take.

Why do we do that? Um, has ANYONE'S life followed The Plan? (if yours has, don't tell me, you'll ruin my imagery here!)

I was sitting here this morning, with my lovely cuppa joe, listening to my princesses hoot and holler in their bedroom (yes, 3 princesses - 1 bedroom), enjoying my last sliver of "peace" before they descend upon me with breakfast demands - and my overwhelming thought was, "how did I get here?"

I'm certain if you were to sift through old posts, you'd find ones of similar musings. I guess that's normal for a 30 something mommy to four. There are many aspects of my life that are predictable, that I anticipated: go to college, meet my prince, fall in love, get married, have a baby...

I should just stop there because that "have a baby" part is what amuses me the most. I can't really tell you when "have a baby" turned into "have FOUR babies". I don't think I ever dreamed about having 4 children. Three maybe, and after princess #2 was born it was DEFINITELY just 2. And yet somehow, here I am.

I love my life. Yes, I cleaned poop up off the floor yesterday. But what mom doesn't? And I think (I hope!) that if I were allowed a peek into my future at the young age of 22(ish), I would have chosen it for myself willingly, poop and all.

Now I'm going to try to remember this today as I beg, pull, bribe and pray for my 3 year old to voluntarily use the toilet. Sigh. Need more joe. An IV maybe.

*Just as a side note, I'm doing a bit more networking these days with my blog. I'm loving the new followers and am so happy to expand this little "family". If you are active on any of the networks listed to the side, let me know! I'd love to find you there. Oh, and if you click on the Top Mommy Blogs button and vote for me I'd love you forever! (and like you for always... c'mon, you knew it was coming!)


  1. I'm following you now and loving your blog! Hope you have a great day!!!

  2. You are so blessed to have four sweet little ones! My plan was to have more, but God has a different plan for me I guess. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  3. Thank you! I am taking it easy today with my leg up! Have a nice day!

    Mama Hen

  4. Ahhh, The Plan. I had one too. I think it's a necessity, even though it never comes to fruition (I'm with you - anyone who has a life that follows The Plan is boring, and more than likely heavily medicated.)

    (trying to figure out how to follow you through Google - my old profile is mixing with my new. Urg. Stay tuned...)

  5. Poop on the floor - hehe.


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