Monday, March 14, 2011

Cheese And Whine

Did you know that every child is born with the innate ability to tune their voices to *just* the right timbre and frequency to drive their individual parents absolutely mad?

And further, not only are children able to do this with surprising accuracy and brutal consistency from a very young age, but they are also completely immune to the effect it has on their parents.  In fact, any recognition of said effect is entirely ignored, in the pursuit of their own interests.

It takes a very mature, seasoned and patient parent to not only receive the verbal lashing and respond appropriately, but also to not give into the temptation to tune their own voice to same timbre and mimic the madness that is streaming from the child's lips.

Today, my friends, that parent is not me.

PS.  This post was actually written on Saturday, when I was indeed in the midst of whine hell.  Today is much, much improved.  :-)


  1. Funny. I just wrote a similar post on my blog...ha ha! Parenting is not for the weak!



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