Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Peace

I don't normally participate in photo challenges because, as you all are probably painfully aware, I am NOT a photographer.  But when I saw this challenge hosted by Chelsey at The Paper Mama, I instantly knew which picture I wanted to enter.  So, today I'm making an exception.  Besides, hubs took this picture anyway.

Following a tumultuous, frightening and exhausting birth, a newborn Princess #4 and I settled into bed for a long peaceful sleep, for in the end, all was well.  To this day this picture represents to me peace in it's purest form.

The Paper Mama



  1. So precious, I just love that newborn look.

  2. the sweetst photo ever.

  3. This is perfect for that photo challenge! What a serene moment. Ahhh, makes me a little baby hungry...I need to find someone with a newborn that I can borrow! lol


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