Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Old Man Winter

Thank you for staying far, far away from the first day of Spring.

And for not doing this again:

First day of Spring, 2010

My friends, has Spring sprung for you yet?  I truly hope so!



  1. lol, you are hilarious sis. enjoy your 100 degree weather when its July!

  2. We are in full spring mode here in Texas and loving it!

  3. IT is supposed to be cooler again the next few days but today it was 85 degrees!! Holy cow it was gorgeous! I really feel for you living where it is still snowing. I'd be miserable...not good with that kind of weather. Hang in there!! Hope the sun comes a knockin soon!

  4. Oh yeah! It's already in the eighties here.

  5. It's been an endless string of storms here in California. Honestly, I don't mind. Spring hasn't sprung in these parts... yet!


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