Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Up-Don't

So, my hair has gotten really long lately.  Like, really long.  I wasn't intending to channel Rapunzel or anything but the old budget hasn't had room for a visit to the salon in awhile, so short of grabbing the scissors and doing it myself, I've just let it grow.

I know I could probably easily get myself over to Super Cuts and just have'em wack it, I mean how hard would it be to cut it straight across, right?  But I love my stylist (which as I type that has me cracking up because it sounds like we're tight when really I haven't seen her in 9 months.  She'd probably be all, who are you? if we passed on the street.  LOL), and the thought of handing my tresses over to Super Cuts has me skeered, so instead I've given in to the poorly reasoned logic that it's better to let my hair grow into an unkempt mane than to pay 10 bucks and have a little faith.

See?  Makes perfect sense.

So now on most days I'm sporting the ever stylish ponytail.  You know, nothing says I'm a mom and totally over it like a ponytail.  Sigh.  I still haven't figured out how people like Angelina Jolie can make ponytails look so sexy.  Mine just say "yes, I've given up".

A couple months ago, Jhen at From Here To Eternity did a post on her totally adorable, slightly messy, trying but not trying up-do and I thought, here it is!  The answer to my ponytail misery!  I can now step out in public without having to put forth too much effort and yet still look together and cool.  Thanks to her handy dandy tutorial I was out and about sporting my own adorable, slightly messy, trying but not trying up-do and feeling smug about no longer looking like had given up.

Until I picked up the princesses from school.

Princess #1 jumps in the van, wrinkles her nose and asks in a slightly judgmental tone:  Why are you wearing your hair like that?

What?  Are up-do's not cool in second grade?

My friends, doncha just love how kids know exactly how to humble you?  I may not be rocking the up-do today, but I'm not wearing a ponytail either!  Baby steps, right?  How have you tried to break away from the "yes I've given up" trap?



  1. Oh, I bet it looked great! Where a picture?

  2. Of course I didn't get one. And then I tried it again today and could NOT get it to work. You know when you're working hard on a hairdo that's supposed to look thrown together, you're doing something wrong. LOL

  3. A Little R & RMarch 10, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    haha!!! I saw that tutorial too....but I took care of my "I've given up" do by doing the "What ever new mommy does" do - and chopped it all off. I think that's worse than the boring pony tail - that I am now sporting since it's growing out. So, I am back to "boring" and "given up" - but I do get to style it at least once a week or so....I am just lucky it gets washed 2 or 3 times a week.

  4. hmmmmm, I think maybe you need to fix your hair like this on Sunday so I can give you my opinion as the "master" of messy up-do's. and I mean that as master I-do-it-all-the-time, not master it-looks-great-every-time. besides what do 2nd graders know about fashion and beauty? I kid, just ask Suri Cruise *insert eye roll*

  5. I think this might just be the best thing I ever read about that tutorial! HAHAH! I have got to meet that girl of yours! I LOVED HER RESPONSE! Seriously, I've got the giggles!

    But I'm glad you tried the up do! :0) I'm sure you looked great!

  6. Lol. You'll be laughing even more when I tell you I tried it again the next day and she said to me, "you're STILL wearing your hair like that?"

  7. ohman this cracked me up!! I bet you looked hot! Kids just notice when things are different and it is hard for them to like it becuase it is change;0. hehe. I too had super long hair and finally went to a super cuts place and asked for a few inches to be chopped off..not to scare you but, she didn't listen to me and she cut off like 6 inches of my hair..hence my super short cut now that I don't care for at all. Ug. I guess it will grow back and at least I didn't spend a lot on it! lol

  8. uh yeah, I'm so not going to Super Cuts now! Haha.

  9. Let's see I work out - at least 2x per week. I take a shower everyday and wear make up about 6-7 days a week. I do have the mom ponytail seems to undo all the effort I put into working out,showering etc....

  10. Ha! Yes this is my problem. What's the point of going to all the effort to look put together if my hair is just going to undo all that work?


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