Friday, March 11, 2011

Comparisons: One, Two, Three Months

I'm amazed at how, without even trying, I managed to get pictures of each girl in just about the same position at the same age.  I guess there's only so much you can do with a newborn!  Haha.  

One month old.  We loved our bouncy seat!  I think every girl ended up sleeping the majority of their early days in that thing.  Princess #3 actually slept every night in it for the first 4 months of her life!

Two months old.  Ah, the fleeting first smiles.  I remember how awesome it was when each girl finally figured out how to smile and how stoked I was when I figured out it wasn't gas!  And doesn't Princess #4 look SO much like Princess #2 here?  Crazy.  

Three months old.  You can start to see Princess #3's Yoda ears.  Oh how I loved those!  These were all taken at slightly different angles so it's harder to see the resemblance.
Click here to see how the princesses compared at birth!  And watch for more comparison posts to come soon!  Have your own comparison pictures to share?  I'd love to see!  Be sure to link back and let me know!



  1. This is great! I love it!
    Since only my youngest one is mine biologically, it's interesting for me to put pictures of our four side by side and compare and try to figure out what features are common. What comes from daddy, what comes from me (for the youngest) and what comes from the older kids mom. Though they all have very different physical coloring, you can really see similarities between them, especially in our six year old and our 20 month old, in their mannerisms. I enjoy teasing daddy about the behaviors that definitely come from him!

  2. Yes, I'd say most behaviors can be attributed to daddy! LOL

  3. What fun comparisons, LOVE IT! I was just doing that the other day with my little girls. Not to change the subject but have you seen a video of a little girl bouncing off a mattress after daddy belly flops on top of it? The video has gone crazy viral and I am curious to who has seen it. Why? It's my brother and niece, she's the one launching into the air, this was unintentional but turned out to be a pretty funny video. They were just yesterday interviewed by Inside Edition and are waiting news from America's Funniest Home videos, Ellen, and the Today show! The other girls in it are my daughters. I did an article recently over at the Detroit Examiner, you can check it out at I am just curious of people I am in contact with has seen the video! Watch it with your girls, they will get a kick out of it =) If this link doesn't work I have a post about it in my blog Have a blessed day!

  4. I love the comparison photos. They are so cute!

  5. oooo, this was really neat to see! I def. want to do this with my kiddos someday. It's neat how you can really see their differences and similarities when they are all side by side like that!! What a great idea. Was it hard to track down the pictures of each one? Boy that would take me forever with all the folders I have! lolHappy weekend to you friend!

  6. Yes, it took forever! Especially since I wasn't thinking about doing
    anything like this when I was snapping pics of my firstborn! I should
    have planned better. LOL


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