Friday, March 4, 2011

Things That Make My Heart Go Pitter-Pat

It's Friday and that means, well, not too much to me since the Hubs doesn't get weekends like most people do.  But nonetheless, Friday is the precursor to Saturday, which ALWAYS means lazing around in pj's watching cartoons and doing generally nothing.  So, yay for the day before Saturday!

I'm feeling kinda lazy myself and trying to come up with interesting things to blog about.  But nothing comes to mind.  I wish I was like this super organized blogger who had a whole calendar of topics filled out, but I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants.  Which means that sometimes I bore myself (at this point you're probably nodding your head and saying to yourself, "so THAT explains it!").

So today, I feel like sharing just a couple things that I'm loving lately.  And without further adieu...

Seriously?  WHERE have I been all my life?  I just started watching Season 1 and O.M.G!  It's like, deliciously catty and marvelously satisfying.  Marc and Amanda are easily in my top TV duos.  Love them.  Love this show.  I may or may not be watching at least 2-3 episodes a night...

which brings me to...

God bless you the creators of Netflix, for giving a sadly behind the times mama a chance to catch up on pop culture hits.  Who watches stuff prime time these days anyway?  Now if only they would pick up American Idol...

Now I've already established that I'm obsessive about coffee.  I'm *almost* that obsessive about creamer too.  This little baby above, one of my faves.  I get all giddy when Starbuck's breaks out the red holiday cups because I know that means that Peppermint Mocha's are back in season!  So of course it's equally depressing when the dead of January hits and the jolly red cups are no more.  The same is true for the Coffee-mate verison.  In December I stocked up on this creamer, so I'd have plenty to get me through the cold winter months when it was absent from the store shelves.  I got about 6 in my fridge before I noticed the new addition to the label:  NEW Now Enjoy It All Year!

Alot of the bloggers I frequent are starting to do vlogs here and there, which I find SO fun.  I'm loving getting to see more personality from my favorite bloggers.  I'm still a little wigged out about doing one myself but maybe... someday...

OK, that's it.  I could probably think of more, but I'm boring myself.  Ha.  



  1. I LUV netfliks and we use coffee mate on a daily basis! I am posting my first vlog monday! you really should do it..c'mon..peer pressure. If I'm doing it you should too;0. 80mph mama is doing a link up for everyone and she provides teh questions so it makes it easier;0. Do it do it do it!! hehe;0 Happy fRiday

  2. I know it may not seem quite right to have peppermint mochas when they don't come in a jolly, red cup, but they DO actually make them year-round (which means that I drink them year-round)! And...they taste just as good in July as in December!


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