Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pinky Promise

A couple of days ago my two older princesses had a playdate. Now, playdates are always somewhat troublesome to me. I'm still figuring out how to navigate the whole multiple kid family thing where a child might be a friend to one or maybe two of my princesses, but not all four, due to age discrepancies and what have you. Growing up it was just me. So, one friend to the one me. No worries.

Anyway, the playdate recently was a bit easier because it involved a set of sisters - the older the age of Princess #1, the younger the age of Princess #2. Perfect right? Except... we're talking about girls. And where there is girls, there is drama. Probably any girl reading this would understand that it's virtually impossible to have 3 or more girls together without inciting some sort of drama.

I was all prepared to give my princesses a pep talk before shuttling them to their playdate. Because although they love each other, the princesses are somewhat ignorant of situations that require a bit more compassion. And being the 3rd, or potentially 4th wheel is no fun. So as I called them to me, I was mentally running through in my head my spiel about looking out for each other, playing nicely together and not excluding anyone, etc. etc.

And that's when I heard their conversation, right around the corner from my bedroom:

Princess #2: let's pinky promise to play with everyone today.

Princess #1: yeah, pinky promise to not leave anyone out or hurt anyone's feelings.

Princess #2: OK, give me your pinky.

And then they came around the corner and asked what I wanted. To which I responded, "Nevermind!" Perhaps they are more cognizant of compassion than I gave them credit for.


  1. What a great warm, squishy moment! Can they come work with my older two girls?

  2. ooh, that's a wow moment. That's what blogging is for-- to record those amazing, priceless moments.

  3. That's awesome!!


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