Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Team Princess - 1 Mama - 0

Yesterday, I experienced the quintessential "I'm out numbered and they know it" game.

I was changing Princess #4's diaper (our only diaper hold out these days) on the floor in the living room. Yes, I gave up the nursery ideal of the cute changing table with the pad and all the diaper accessories within reach about 3 kids ago. It's just much easier to drop and change than to go through the major production of getting said child into their room and up onto that pad to change them. In and out.

ANYWAY, so I was on the floor changing Princess #4 when all of the sudden I heard yelled in a panic: "I gotta goooooooooo!!!!" Now, any potty training mama KNOWS what those 3 little words mean. Drop whatever you're doing and haul tail to the bathroom while dragging the soon to explode toddler behind you and all the time chanting, "hold it. Hold it! HOLD IT!"

So I left a bare bummed Princess #4 on the floor and did just that, forgetting that I now had two tushies to worry about. I got Princess #3 to the potty just in time, and as I was situating her on the pot, I turned around to see a pot bellied baby standing behind me, staring in wonder at the liquid the was rolling down her plump legs and pooling onto the floor.

She got me. She got me good.

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  1. Hee hee!! You were doomed... no two ways around it! :)


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