Friday, April 2, 2010

Shine A Light

I'll never know why some people are chosen to parent extra special kids. God, in His infinite wisdom, is the ultimate match-maker. And I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to see some of these relationships unfold and evolve, and I am a better person, a better parent because of them.

Today is Autism Awareness Day. And I want to personally thank my friends who walk this journey every day. For sharing their triumphs and heartbreaks. Their fears and joys. For allowing people like myself a peek into their lives to be inspired, challenged, and pushed to being a better parent.

So, to Bren and Benjamin, Melissa and Owen, Aimee and Emilee, Christy and Christopher, Francine and Ariel and countless others that touch lives every day - thank you.

I want to end with a quote. This was posted by my friend Aimee today (I hope she doesn't mind me putting it here). She says it better than anything I could say.
Our girl was diagnosed 4 yrs ago as being severly autistic, and when the psychologist gave me the news she looked at me and told me that she couldn't tell me when or if Em would ever progress past the point she was at now. And today I would like to send out a big "Screw You" to her for stealing my hope. Emilee has grown and learned past what we even dreamed at the time. She is not typical and she is not easy. But she is happy and she is perfect! Praise God, who in his wisdom, gave her to me! My sweet girl, I am a better mommy because of you.

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  1. Thank you. It means a lot to know that people are aware of our special kids and are cheering us on.


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