Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Chronic Lane Changer

Yes, you in the black Toyota Prius with temporary tags.

What's the deal?  Where's the fire?

Do you have an issue with there being another vehicle in front of you?  Because let me clue you in on a little secret:  There will always be another vehicle in front of you.  You can't win.

I know it's a pain to get stuck behind someone going 2 mph less than you.  I get it.

But exercise some patience.  There's no need to recklessly fling yourself into the next lane.

Because I know you didn't check your rearview mirror.

You might have been blessed with the invincible gene, but my family wasn't.  My babies are in the car.  You don't want to meet Mama Bear.  Trust me.

I'd appreciate it if in the future you exercise just a bit more caution when sharing the road with others.  Particularly on days when driving conditions are adverse (such as today).  There's just no need to jump from lane to lane like you're play hopscotch.

It just makes me laugh at you later when we're stopped side by side at the same red light.


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