Monday, August 16, 2010

Now Casting - Role of Mom

So, the princesses are really big into make believe right now.  The 3 older ones can spend hours involved in intricate and complex stories, each contributing their own slant on the story and directing the others in lines and delivery.  It's sorta fun to overhear their drama, usually involving a prince, some magical power of some sort and... a dead mom.

Yes, a dead mom.

It's giving me a complex.  I mean, it's all fun and games until you hear, "and this will be the prince and he will come and you be the princess and the mom's dead", said so matter of factly.  Seriously.  No love lost?  No mourning for the one that feeds you and clothes you and gave you LIFE after HOURS of hard labor and pushing you out via a small hole in a very delicate area?  Come on now.  Show SOME respect.

I suppose I can't totally blame them.  I mean, look at what they have to go on.  Let's take a look at Disney, shall we?

Ariel - no mom
Belle - no mom
Jasmine - no mom
Pocahontas - no mom
Sleeping Beauty - she has a mom, but I don't think she counts, considering SB is raised by fairies.
Snow White and Cinderella - ok they have step-moms, but neither of them exactly invoke the warm fuzzies.

It's no wonder the mom is tossed aside.  One would think I could garner at least a small cameo.  I'm working on it.  I've polished off my resume and am working on my audition skills.  Until then, I'm trying to not take it personally.  Unless, you know, they kill the mom off several times in one day.  Even I can only take so much.


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