Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday Shout-Outs!

I know, I'm so boring this weekend! First a Friday Flashback and now Saturday Shout-Outs!  What's next, Sunday Skip?  Possibly...  ha!  Bear with me, I'm still at my childbirth educator's workshop, but I plan to be back next week with all sorts of interesting and fun things to share.  In the meantime, check out a couple of my favorite posts from some of my favorite people who happen to also be fabulous bloggers:

The Upperclassmen by Mama at The Elmo Wallpaper
Oh how Mama perfectly articulates so much of what I'm feeling right now!  I may still have a (half) baby at home, but those days are quickly racing by and I'm finding myself wishing for my freshman year.

Forgiveness by Jess at Chirp and Buzz and Roar
You won't see much new from Jess these days as she is taking a blogging break, but this post by her has been engrained in my head since I first read it and it's definitely worth a look.

And before you run away, please go visit one of the newest bloggers I've run across and am already in love with (really, her blog makes wanna be crunchy heart go pitter pat):  

My friends, do you have a favorite post or a new blog you've discovered that you'd like to share?  


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