Monday, August 9, 2010

Letter to The Naked Chef

Oh dear Jamie, how I do love you.

First, your cooking show was called The Naked Chef.  What's not to love?

Second, you have that ridiculously adorable British accent.

Third, you are passionately committed to changing the way people eat food.

And I love that.

But you have totally messed everything up.

Your show, The Food Revolution?  Loved it.  Ate it up, literally.  Completely made me want to throw out all the crap in my pantry and fridge and start all over.

And I did, sort of.

But now, reality is upon me.  In THREE DAYS:


Jamie, I've got 4 littles at home.  2 will require a lunch while at school, 5 days a week.  My third will require a lunch at school a handful of days each month.

I used to boldly declare that I couldn't wait until I could just send all the princesses through the cafeteria line so I'd never have to make lunch again.

Your show has cured me of that (did anyone else see that chicken nugget segment?  ~shudder~).

But now what?

See what I mean?  You've messed everything up.

I fear I've just committed myself to a 9 month sentence of being chained to the kitchen (as if I'm not in there enough already).

I'm totally panicking at the thought of having to make fun and filling meals that can be packed into lunch boxes every day.

Help me Jamie!! 

(and please don't hate me if by December we're back to cafeteria food.  We'll just skip chicken nugget day.)



  1. I love that show! I was a teacher and I know how icky some of the food can be. It is so sad that we have to worry about the nutriton of the food in schools. This was a great post!

    Mama Hen

  2. much as I'd like to give my kids healthy and fun meals every day, I don't have time. We do Lunchables and Uncrustables, and even prepackaged servings of grapes and apple slices. Kids are happy, and I can pack a lunch in 5 seconds!


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