Wednesday, August 25, 2010


When you imagined being a mama, what thoughts commanded your attention?

How adorable you'd look pregnant?  How you were going to get that baby out?  Whether or not you should splurge on the gorgeous crib bedding with all the matching nursery accessories?

Yeah.  Me too.

When you imagined being a mama, what visions floated in your mind?

The too cute for words layette at Gymboree?  Scenes of quiet evenings at home, just you and the hubs with the babe sleeping peacefully nearby?  The nursery with that gorgeous crib bedding and all the matching accessories?

Yeah.  Me too.

When you imagined being a mama, did your imagination take you past babyhood?

Yeah.  Me neither.

Countless books I read, websites I perused, conversations I had - all centered around being mama to a baby.  Ask me how many books I've read about being mama to a non-baby.

Big Fat Zero.

As if I have time now.  Now, when I could really use advice about how to help Princess #1 navigate her increasingly hormonal reactions.  Now, when I would like to hear about how other mamas handle it when they catch their little ones telling little white lies.  Now, when I feel more than ever that the decisions I make and the paths I choose have the greatest affect on their formative young minds.  Talk about pressure!

I wish I had thought to imagine being mama to children.

Not that I'd have any more of a clue now, but maybe I would have been just a bit more prepared.  Or less caught off guard.  Or something.

At least my crib bedding was gorgeous.

Dear friends, did your imagination take you past diapers?  Or did you stop at the crib bedding like me?


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  1. Honestly I'm excited to see my little one post baby. That's not to say I'm going to miss her babyness...but I do love kids. I love teaching kids, being with kids and experiencing with kids. Guess this just goes to show there are all types of moms out there.


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