Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Melting! And Other Saturday Ramblings

That's right my friends.
You've read that right.
107 miserable degrees Fahrenheit
(or 42 miserable degrees for our Celsius friends)

What I failed to do was catch a picture of my car thermostat when it registered 110 degrees yesterday.  

In other (non melting) news:

Did ya notice my cool new subscribe by email box? 
It's in the top left (uh, I think left.  If you're looking at your computer screen, your left.  Right?)
So, if you want to keep up with The Planet Pink via your email,
put your address in that handy dandy little box and hit Subscribe!
I promise not to clog your inbox.  Pinky promise. 
(which is super serious, so you know I'm telling the truth).

Finally, a little shout out on this scorching Saturday:

Have you guys read TV's Take?  I adore TV for a number of reasons.  First of all, she makes me think.  She likes to ask thought provoking questions, which for a mama like me (who's more often than not consumed by thoughts of whether or not it's time to send Princess #3 to the potty - and that's a whole 'nother exasperating post), is refreshing and stimulating.  Secondly, she's mastered the skill of brevity, obviously something I quite verbosely lack.  And finally, she bestowed upon me the Foxy Mama Award this week.  And although I think that's hilarious, she hasn't met me in real life, so we'll just let her keep thinking I'm foxy, alright?  ;-)  So, go give her some bloggy love this weekend, 'kay?

And that's all folks!  
Have a fabulous (air conditioned) weekend!


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